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U type guide rail


Unit :mm


Combination Mode:

Fixing Mode:

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Qingdao Huazhuo HD Machinery Co.Ltd is a leading supplier of high quality precasting,racking parts for construction,concrete structure and other OEM metal products. Our products are mainly exported to the Americas, Europe,Australia, Asia, the Middle East and other countries in the world. The company has been certified by ISO 9001 and TUV.In order to ensure the good quality of products and customers’ benefits, our company has built a long-term cooperation with SGS(for quality inspection) and PICC(for quality insurance).  Also the company has been partners for many years with many top 500 companies and wins their trust. By offering the service of production arrangement, quality inspection, storage and, logistics, Qingdao Huazhuo HD Machinery Co.Ltd has been authorized by lots of customers as one-stop service supplier.

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Lifting socket is economical solution and suitable for thin concrete elements, where the long tail provides excellent anchorage. It needs a reinforcemrnt bar to transfer the load into the concrete.

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